Photo Booth | Instagram

DIY Photo Light Box – a finish fifty project

Above is a link I found on how to make your own light box. We had discussed the idea of having a miniature Photo Booth as past of our stall, so that once people make their paper wallet and decorate it (or not) they can place it in the photo booth, take a snap and upload it to instagram and use the hashtag #creasepaperwallets. Then people can search the hashtag and see how other people  have decorated their wallets. This is just an added interactive part to our stall to get people interested and to ensure that our products are not going to turn into waste (after decorating and documenting the wallets – which are already a useful thing – they will have an attachment to the item so won’t want to waste it hopefully).

This is the final product of what the Photo Booth I made looks like. I made a miniature flag banner and table as to try represent what our stall will look like on market day. This was very simple to make as just had to cut out the 3 walls from a cardboard box, tape on baking paper across and then laid down a large white sheet of paper to make a small infinity wall like in photo studios. This creates really nice lighting and shadows for the photos.



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